Zycon Domains is a pure online company based in Powys, Wales.

A small team is headed by the founder, Chris Conwell, who has over 20 years experience of domain ownership. Chris is an internet entrepreneur who was involved in global computer networks before the World Wide Web had been invented; creating Bulletin Board Systems (BBSs) on a network called Fidonet back in 1990.

In 1995 Chris created his first web site, Mobiles.co.uk, and a few years later his second, Gadgets.co.uk; the former was eventually acquired by The Carphone Warehouse.

Zycon currently has a portfolio of several thousand domain names. The Zycon system is a network of servers that targets domain names with value for either resale, lease or development. Most domains in the portfolio were acquired as soon as they were made available for registration. A smaller number of domains were bought on the open market from existing owners.

The world of domain names can be a very confusing place and as with many computerised systems getting just one character wrong can create havoc. With this in mind everything is done online via email so that there can be no verbal misunderstandings regarding a domain and its operation.

The initial success of both Mobiles and Gadgets was primarily down to exceptional customer service and Zycon is no different. All emails are promptly answered and the great service does not stop once a domain has been sold. The Zycon Team will continue to offer support and assistance as needed until each purchased domain is a working web site.

For peace of mind, Zycon is VAT registered with HM Revenue and Customs and the Information Commissioner’s Office and is an official Nominet-approved Registrar.