Leasing a Domain Name

Many of our domains are available to lease for a relatively small monthly fee which includes the exclusive option to buy the domain within two years.

E.g. Domain purchase price £395+VAT or lease for just £20 per month + VAT with the exclusive option to buy at £395+VAT at any time within two years.

Leasing allows you to immediately start using the domain to promote your business and generate revenue. Generating just £20 per month from a new business venture would mean the domain was paying for itself from day one.

If you are starting a new venture and cash is tight or are just not quite sure a particular domain is right for you then leasing could be the answer.


  • Immediate and complete control over the use of the domain name via DNS
  • Fixed small monthly payments aid cashflow and budgeting
  • No upfront deposit is required, helping further with cashflow
  • Completely free to cancel at any time after minimum 3 month contract
  • Exclusive option to buy domain at fixed pre-agreed price at any time within 2 years
  • No-one else can buy or lease the domain while you are leasing it
  • Lease domain for up to 2 years


  • The domain name registrant details will only be updated once the buy option payment is received
  • DNS details may be removed if an agreed monthly payment is not received
  • The domain name may not be used for spam, illegal content or activities, or anything contrary to Nominet’s standard terms and conditions of domain name registration and use.

Use the search box at the top of the page to bring up a leasing information page for most of our domains.

All orders are subject to our standard terms and conditions. To lease a domain you must confirm that you are aware of, and accept in full, the current Nominet terms and conditions.

Zycon is an Official Nominet Registrar

All enquiries: dom@zycon.co.uk